Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Search Yahoo and Earn Money

By replacing your browsers search box with your own revenue generating box, or by setting their site as your homepage you can earn money as you search.

Well known search providers such as Google, Ask & Yahoo receive advertising revenue from many of the companies featured in their search results.

Homepages Friends has partnered with leading search engine Yahoo! to reward new users and ongoing loyalty by paying out a large portion of this advertising revenue when the search is made through one of our boxes.

By combining all this search traffic, Homepages Friends are able to negotiate a stronger deal with Yahoo! and they are passing up to 67.5% of this revenue back to you, the user.

It's completely free and you can start earning right away. What's more you can recommend a friend and earn 10% of their revenue too.

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P/S : Payment via PAYPAL or Bank Transfer.